Top 5 Most Valuable Brand Collaborations in Fashion Industry


Brand collaborations in fashion have been a trend for a while now. But not all collaborations are created equal. Some are truly valuable collaborations that redefine what fashion can do. These collaborations are worth more than just a popular name on a product. Today we are going to list the top 5 most valuable brand collaborations in the fashion industry and why they are important.

Louis Vuitton x Supreme

In 2017, two unlikely fashion brands decided to merge their identities and came up with a collection that shook the fashion world. Louis Vuitton, the luxury brand, collaborated with Supreme, a streetwear brand, to produce a collection of bags, sneakers, and clothing. This collaboration was a statement in the fashion industry, representing a shift in power dynamics. The hype that the collection generated was so high that some pieces were selling for up to 10 times their original price.

H&M x Balmain

In 2015, the Swedish fast-fashion giant, H&M, released a collection in collaboration with Balmain, the French luxury fashion house. The collection was touted as “the most luxurious high-street collaboration to date”. The collaboration featured the signature Balmain style, which was translated into ready-to-wear fashion pieces that could be afforded by the average person. This collaboration helped introduce Balmain to a younger target audience while exposing H&M to the brand’s loyal fans.

Adidas x Gucci

In the realm of brand collaborations, the pairing of Adidas, a renowned sports brand, and Gucci, the Italian luxury fashion house, was a match made in style heaven. The collaboration showcased a unique mix of sportswear functionality and high-end fashion aesthetics, offering consumers an exclusive range of fashionable athletic wear and accessories. The collection was characterized by Gucci’s iconic monogram design and Adidas’ classic three stripes, reflecting the unique identities of both brands. This collaboration not only brought Gucci’s luxury appeal to a more athletic demographic, but also allowed Adidas to tap into the world of high-end fashion. The success of the Adidas x Gucci collaboration underlines the power of brand partnerships in expanding market reach and attracting diverse consumer groups.

Disney x Givenchy

In a unique and somewhat unexpected alliance, the world of high fashion and childhood nostalgia overlapped in the Disney x Givenchy collaboration. Unveiled in 2019, this collaboration marked a bold fusion of Disney’s timeless charm and Givenchy’s couture prowess. The collection featured a line of clothing that embedded iconic Disney characters, mainly Mickey Mouse, into Givenchy’s high-end streetwear designs. The collaboration was not just an exploration of brand synergy, but a testament to the power of nostalgia in fashion. The line, which included t-shirts, sweatshirts, and accessories, sold out quickly, proving the potency of pairing high fashion with familiar, beloved cultural symbols. The Disney x Givenchy collaboration demonstrates the limitless boundaries of brand collaborations, where the playful meets the refined, creating products with universal appeal that transcend traditional fashion norms.

Supreme x The North Face

Supreme, a popular streetwear brand, has collaborated with The North Face, an outdoor brand, multiple times over the years. Their collaborations were initially created to accommodate the unique requirements of skate culture – vintage style combined with practicality. The collaborations were so successful that people started lining up in front of stores to buy the products before the stores opened. The collaboration helped The North Face reach a younger target audience and helped familiarize Supreme with the outdoor brand.


The fashion industry is famous for its unpredictability and constantly changing trends. Therefore collaborations are a great way to bring new ideas and surprises while allowing the brands to reach a new audience. The collaborations mentioned above have built connections between brands and introduced the public to new designs, styles, and ideas. As the fashion world evolves, we can expect to see more collaborations that push boundaries and offer the uniqueness that we crave. Stay tuned with our Weekly Drop Calendar Newsletter to not miss next big drops!