A new home for punk.

Everything you need to know about Pistol Mint migration.

In 2022, Sex Pistols launched a commemorative coin in honor of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The physical coin, featuring Jamie Reid’s iconic artwork, came paired with a digital twin: an NFT that collectors redeemed via Pistol Mint. 

In early January, we’ll be migrating Pistol Mint to the Candy platform.  As we work on this update, here’s what you can expect. 

Migration Overview:

  • Platform Offline. As of December 19, 2023, Pistol Mint will be offline while we migrate the platform to Candy.com. 
  • NFT and Data Migration. All of your data on the Pistol Mint platform will transition to Candy.com. All NFTs held in your Pistol Mint account will also be restored to your Candy.com account. You can read more about this process here.
  • Account Merge. If you have a Pistol Mint and a Candy Digital account, please follow the applicable instructions below:
    • Two Different Email Addresses: If you use a different email address for both accounts, please log into your Candy Digital account and update your email address to the same one you use for your Pistol Mint account.
    • Same Email Address: If you use the same email address for both accounts, no action is needed on your part. They will be merged into one account. 
  • Password Reset: Upon successfully migrating all Pistol Mint accounts to the Candy platform, you will receive a password reset email.

With migration coming soon in January, we’ll continue to keep you updated over email, Discord, and X.

If you have any questions, reach out to help@candy.com. We’re here for you, and we’re stoked to start this new chapter together.