2024 Jordan 4 Military Blue Review

The Air Jordan 4 Military Blue, set to release on May 4, 2024, for a retail price of $215, is creating a buzz among sneaker enthusiasts and collectors alike. This highly anticipated launch promises availability in adult, grade school, preschool, and toddler sizes, catering to fans of all ages. Its popularity is expected to make it a tough find, suggesting that these sneakers will quickly sell out upon release. The recommendation to opt for your true to size adds to the anticipation, signaling a release that balances iconic design with comfort.

This article delves into the historical significance and design evolution of the Jordan 4 series, with a detailed review of the 2024 Military Blue edition. Comparative analysis with previous models, styling tips, and insights into performance and comfort will be explored. Furthermore, we’ll look into the market analysis and resale predictions for the Jordan 4 Military Blue, providing a comprehensive guide for enthusiasts and potential buyers keen on making an informed decision for their collection.

Historical Significance and Design Evolution

The 2024 Jordan 4 Military Blue not only captivates with its aesthetic appeal but also embodies a rich tapestry of design evolution and historical significance. Designed by Tinker Hatfield, the Jordan 4 series has become a cornerstone in the sneaker culture, with each iteration building upon its predecessor’s legacy.

Design Evolution:

  • Original Design (1989): The Air Jordan 4 was a groundbreaking design with its over-molded mesh, innovative support “wings,” and visible Air cushioning. The design was a follow-up to the AJ3, maintaining a mid-cut silhouette while enhancing both the functionality and visual appeal of the sneaker.
  • 2024 Military Blue Updates:
  • Silhouette and Materials: The 2024 version introduces a sleeker silhouette with a slightly trimmed down mudguard made of new buck material, offering a modern twist to the classic design.
  • Color Scheme: It features a darker shade of Military Blue compared to the brighter 2012 version, paired with a white base and subtle light gray hues, enhancing its visual depth.
  • Branding Changes: Notably, the Nike Air logo returns on the heel tab, replacing the Jumpman logo found in the 2012 version, which appeals to purists and collectors.

Historical Milestones:

  • Innovative Features: Since its debut, the Jordan 4 has been celebrated for its performance-oriented design. Features like the multi-directional herringbone pattern on the outsole and Air-Sole units in the forefoot and heel set new standards for basketball footwear.
  • Cultural Impact: The AJ4 transcended sports to become a cultural icon, partly due to its feature in Spike Lee’s film “Do the Right Thing,” which cemented its status in both film and street fashion.
  • Collaborations and Limited Releases: Over the years, the Jordan 4 has seen various collaborations and limited-edition releases, which have not only diversified its offerings but also added to its mystique and collectability.

This blend of historical reverence with contemporary innovation ensures that the Jordan 4 remains a beloved model among sneaker enthusiasts, continuing to influence both the design and cultural landscape of athletic footwear.

2024 Military Blue Detailed Review

The 2024 Jordan 4 Military Blue offers an array of features that both nod to its rich heritage and embrace modern enhancements. Here’s a detailed look at what enthusiasts and new fans alike can expect:

Design and Material Quality:

  • Upper Build: The shoe boasts a high-quality smooth leather upper, complemented by iconic netting and TPU eyelets in light gray, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. The lateral side panel features blue mesh, adding a dynamic visual contrast.
  • Mudguard and Midsole: A light gray mudguard made from soft new leather pairs with a midsole split between military blue and white. This design not only respects the original colorway but also introduces subtle modern tweaks for a fresh look.
  • Comfort and Fit: Notably, the 2024 model is designed to fit true to size, offering more comfort than expected, akin to the SB Jordan 4s. It’s suitable for a range of activities from skateboarding to casual wear, thanks to its versatile design and comfortable materials.

Brand Elements and Aesthetic Details:

  • Nike Air Branding: A pivotal update is the return of the Nike Air logo on the heel tab, a feature preferred by purists over the Jumpman logo seen in previous models. This detail is significant for collectors and long-time fans of the series.
  • Color Scheme and Additional Features: The colorway primarily features white, light gray, and blue, with a military blue mesh and white netting on the midfoot. The tongue and heel showcase a puffy design with intricate patterns, reminiscent of the Jordan 4 SB.

Availability and Market Insight:

  • Release and Pricing: Set for release on May 4, 2024, at a retail price of $215, the Jordan 4 Military Blue is anticipated to be a sought-after model, making it a potentially good long-term hold for resellers. Its availability in sizes ranging from 7 to 11 ensures a wide demographic can enjoy this iconic design.
  • Special Features: Each pair comes with a speckled paper inside the box, maintaining the OG style with a Nike hang tag attached, and is presented in a traditional Jordan 4 style box with cement printing and Nike Air branding, which adds to its collectible value.

This detailed review highlights the Jordan 4 Military Blue’s commitment to quality, comfort, and style, while honoring its historical roots and responding to modern consumer preferences.

Comparative Analysis with Previous Models

The 2024 Jordan 4 Military Blue has sparked considerable interest among sneaker aficionados, not only for its fresh aesthetic but also for its structural similarities and differences with previous models. Here’s a comparative analysis focusing on its design parallels with the Jordan 4 SB and its resemblance to other notable versions:

Similarities with Jordan 4 SB:

  • Build and Design: Both the 2024 Military Blue and the Jordan 4 SB share a similar build, emphasizing a robust yet sleek silhouette that supports versatile use. This includes the strategic placement of breathable mesh panels and the distinctive midsole aesthetics that have characterized the Jordan 4 series.
  • Material Quality: High-quality leather and durable synthetic materials are used in both models, ensuring longevity and comfort, catering to both athletic and casual wear.

Comparison with the 2012 Version and Jordan 4 Pine Green SBS:

  • Color Palette: The 2024 Military Blue adopts a darker shade of blue compared to the brighter blue seen in the 2012 version, offering a more subdued yet sophisticated look. This shift in hue aligns with recent trends favoring more understated colorways in sneakers.
  • Design Tweaks: Unlike the 2012 version, the 2024 release brings back the Nike Air logo on the heel, a nod to vintage preferences, which contrasts with the Jumpman logo used in previous iterations.

Resemblance to Bread for Reimagined [8]:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Both the 2024 Military Blue and the Bread for Reimagined [8] incorporate classic elements with modern twists. These include updated material choices and slight modifications in the design to enhance visual appeal and comfort.
  • Target Audience: Each model targets both long-time Jordan enthusiasts and new fans, offering features that respect the legacy while advancing the line’s appeal to contemporary consumers.

This comparison underscores the 2024 Jordan 4 Military Blue’s commitment to maintaining the cherished elements of the Jordan 4 lineage while adapting to current trends and consumer preferences.

Styling Tips for the 2024 Military Blue

Styling the 2024 Jordan 4 Military Blue can transform any outfit into a statement of modern streetwear. Here are some trendy ways to integrate these sneakers into various looks:

Vintage and Retro Styles:

  1. Moto Trucker Jackets: Pairing the Jordan 4 Military Blue with moto trucker jackets creates a vintage aesthetic that echoes the rugged, rebellious spirit of the past.
  2. ’90s Vintage Wrap Tees and Work Pants: For a throwback to the ’90s, combine these sneakers with single-stitch vintage wrap tees and classic work pants, ideal for casual outings or themed parties.

Casual and Comfortable Fits:

  1. Double Layer Hoodies and B 484 Denim: Opt for a relaxed and comfortable look by wearing the Jordan 4 Military Blue with double layer hoodies paired with B 484 denim. This combination is perfect for a laid-back day or running errands.
  2. Namedcollective Tracksuit and Hoodie: For a coordinated and sporty look, style these sneakers with a Namedcollective tracksuit and hoodie, suitable for both athletic activities and casual wear.

Trendy and Stylish Combinations:

  1. Blue Streetwear Outfits: Amplify the cool tones of the Jordan 4 Military Blue by pairing them with blue streetwear pieces, creating a monochromatic and stylish ensemble.
  2. Green Cargos: Combine the sneakers with green cargos for a striking contrast that is both eye-catching and unique.
  3. Cargos and Crop Tops: For a trendy urban look, style the Jordan 4 Military Blue with cargos and crop tops, offering a fashionable choice for warmer days or social gatherings.

Accessorizing and Customization:

  1. Lacing Guide: Learn how to lace your Jordan 4 Military Blue with a step-by-step guide to ensure your sneakers always look their best and reflect your personal style.
  2. Adding Aglets: Customize your sneakers by adding unique aglets to the Jordan 4 Military Blue, providing a personal touch that stands out.

These styling tips not only showcase the versatility of the Jordan 4 Military Blue but also allow wearers to express their personal style through various fashion choices. Whether opting for a vintage look, a comfortable outfit, or a trendy ensemble, these sneakers serve as a foundational piece that elevates any wardrobe.

Performance and Comfort

When considering the performance and comfort of the 2024 Jordan 4 Military Blue, it’s essential to focus on its sizing accuracy and everyday wearability. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

True to Size Fit:

  • Consistency in Sizing: Both enthusiasts and casual wearers can appreciate the sneaker’s true-to-size recommendation. This consistency ensures a comfortable fit without the need for sizing adjustments.
  • Impact on Performance: A true-to-size fit enhances the shoe’s performance, particularly in activities that require precise foot movement and stability.

Comfort for Everyday Wear:

  • Material Composition: The use of high-quality leather and breathable mesh in the upper construction contributes to the overall comfort, making it suitable for prolonged wear.
  • Cushioning and Support: The design incorporates advanced cushioning technologies, which provide substantial support and shock absorption, essential for both daily use and more intense physical activities.

Market Demand Insights:

  • Comparison with Previous Models: Similar to the high demand seen with the Brad Fords [7], the 2024 Jordan 4 Military Blue is expected to follow suit, indicating its desirability and potential as a collectible item.
  • Implications for Buyers: The anticipated demand suggests that potential buyers should consider purchasing upon release to avoid scarcity and elevated resale prices.

These aspects highlight the Jordan 4 Military Blue’s capability to blend style with practicality, making it a worthy addition to any sneaker collection, whether for active use or casual styling.

Market Analysis and Resale Predictions

The 2024 Jordan 4 Military Blue is poised for a significant impact in the sneaker market, driven by its anticipated high demand and strategic release numbers. Here’s an in-depth look at the market analysis and resale predictions:

Initial Stock and Availability:

  • Rumored Initial Stock: Initially speculated at 750,000 pairs, the stock numbers for the Jordan 4 Military Blue have been updated to over 1.7 million pairs, indicating a substantial release to meet the expected high demand.
  • Distribution: The sneakers are set to hit all standard Jordan retailers, ensuring wide availability. However, some sizes may find their way into outlet stores due to returns, common in large releases.

Resale Market Dynamics:

  • Current Resale Pricing: As of now, the resale price ranges between $400 and $500. This is significantly above the retail price, reflecting the high anticipation and market value of these sneakers.
  • Future Resale Predictions: The resale value is expected to see a dip to around $250 shortly after the release, before stabilizing at approximately $300 to $350. Larger sizes might fetch higher prices, reflecting common trends in sneaker resale dynamics.

Long-term Investment Potential:

  • Collectibility and Longevity: The Military Blue colorway, coupled with its historical popularity, is expected to age well, making it a solid long-term hold for collectors and investors.
  • Market Trends: Given its status as one of the year’s most anticipated drops and its classic appeal, the sneaker is likely to maintain a strong presence in both retail and resale markets. The exclusivity and versatility of the sneaker enhance its appeal, making it a prudent investment for both sneaker enthusiasts and casual wearers.

These insights into the market dynamics surrounding the 2024 Jordan 4 Military Blue suggest a robust market performance, with fluctuations in resale value offering opportunities for both immediate and long-term investment strategies.


Throughout this article, we have traversed the intricate details that set the 2024 Jordan 4 Military Blue apart in the sneaker world, emphasizing its design evolution, historical significance, and anticipated market performance. From a deep dive into its aesthetic refinements and performance attributes to styling insights and investment implications, our comprehensive review underscores the enduring allure and innovative prowess of the Jordan 4 series. The reintroduction of the Nike Air logo, along with adjustments in design and color scheme, pays homage to its lineage while pushing the boundaries to appeal to modern tastes and preferences.

The 2024 release of the Jordan 4 Military Blue not only celebrates an iconic silhouette but also invigorates the sneaker community with its blend of tradition and contemporary flair. As enthusiasts and collectors alike eagerly anticipate its arrival, the broader implications go beyond mere aesthetics to signify the sneaker’s cultural impact and investment potential. Whether for the purpose of expanding a collection, experiencing its comfort and style, or capitalizing on its resale value, the Jordan 4 Military Blue stands as a testament to the longevity and evolving narrative of the Air Jordan legacy.